About us

Flexiburger is going to revolutionize the meat and fish industry by offering environmental friendly and clean label burgers. 


Our markets are flooded with unhealthy burgers, lab produced burgers, low quality meat/fish burgers,...  These products are unhealthy, inefficient and/or overpriced.

Flexiburger is the solution. Our burgers are made out of natural products and spices but with a focus on the healthy aspect, mother nature and innovations.

We at flexiburger took it even one step further in the fish industry. 

Commercial fishing boats have been struggeling the last few years.

Since januari 2015 its illegal to trow all small to medium sized fishes back in the sea. Most of these fishes are dead and they are to expensive to process. 

Due to this problem these small fish were grinded and sold as fish meal (aquaculture) or as fertiliser. This practice is highly inefficient! For example: in order to produce 1 fish you will need to feed him 500 times his own weight, these fish have a second side effect: they contain substantial amounts of antbiotics.

The founders had this great idea to convert these wild small fishes into a fish pulp which contains more more omega 3 oils, young dna (which is good for your skin) and minerals. We use this ecological friendly fishes in our burgers togehter with different other natural products.  


This is how we create delicious and healthy Burgers.

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Less salt

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Less added sugar

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Qualified meat & fish

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E-number free

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Allergen free*

*except fish


Become the first eco friendly healthy burger producer.


We offer the first delicious and nutritious burger with more taste, texture and remaining ecological.